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At a young age, I was driven to all hands on trades. I started my career as a mechanic, which offered me an amazing opportunity to learn technical problem solving, proper installation techniques, plumbing, and mechanical connections, and electrical diagnostics and work.

From there I moved onto residential and commercial alarm installations, which introduced me to the environment of residential work and service, and furthered my electrical skills.

With an insatiable appetite for the trades, I took a side job with a local apartment complex performing repairs and tenant improvements.

In 2000, all these skills came together. Through word of mouth, I was given the amazing opportunity to work as a lead carpenter remodeling and restoring historic residential Seattle homes. It was during this decade long period where my passion and skills flourished.

With the desire to take my skills to the next level, and together with a business partner, I co-founded a remodel company named Yellow Moon construction. With our combined skills, attention to detail, customer service and work ethic, it wasn’t long before yellow moon construction became a highly liked and reputable company. The company offered yet another opportunity to elevate my skills as not only a craftsman but also a businessman.

As if the accumulation of all these years had led to this point, It was with great pride that I could sell my portion of such a highly producing and respected company to my business partner, and create a company to call my own. Welcome to Morning Bird Construction!

Greg Stebbins

Service Area

Morning Bird Construction is based in Kenmore, Washington and serves the following neighborhoods:

Shoreline, WA

Kenmore, WA

Lake Forest Park, WA

Edmonds, WA

Bothell, WA

Richmond Beach, WA

Kirkland, WA

Mountlake Terrace, WA

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