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About Us

As a general contracting firm, we will always provide quality and correct work that is unique and specific to the client’s dreams, requests, and home. We feel that there is nothing greater than working together with our clients to create an image or idea that not only satisfies their needs, but becomes a purposeful and inspirational addition to their home.
We also vow to bring transparency, credibility, respect, and craftsmanship to every project. And by example-we hope to bring transparency, credibility, respect, and craftsmanship back to the trades in general.

Residential Remodels:

  • Custom Kitchens
  • Custom Bathrooms
  • Basements
  • Mother In-Law Units
  • Elderly, Handicapped Conversions
  • ADU
  • Decks
  • In House Specialities:

    • Design, Drafting, Floor Plans
    • Framing, Insulating, Drywall
    • Lath and Plaster Repair
    • Tiling, Hardwoods, Doors, Windows
    • Mill Work, Cabinet Installs
    • Custom Counter Tops, Back Splash
    • Painting, Appliances, Fixtures
    • Custom Builtins
    • Restorations

    Meet The Owner

    At a young age Greg was driven to all hands on trades. He started his career as a mechanic for 2 years which offered him an amazing opportunity to learn problem solving, diagnostics, proper installation order and technique, plumbing and mechanical connections, and electrical diagnostics and work.

    From there he moved onto residential and commercial alarm installation, which introduced him to the environment of residential work and service, and furthered his skills in electrical. Meanwhile he continued with his eagerness to learn by taking a side job performing repairs and unit flips for a Northgate apartment building.

    In 2000, all these skills came together. Through word of mouth he got an amazing opportunity to work as a carpenter for a prominent Seattle business man. It was during this decade long time where his love and skill for the trade flourished, by remodeling historic residential Seattle homes, as well as converting historic boarding houses from scratch- into fully functioning apartment and studio living spaces. He fulfilled this decade honing and mastering his skills in all trades, as well as working with other Seattle contractors.

    With an insatiable appetite to take his skills to the next level, and together with a business partner, started a remodel company named Yellow Moon construction. With their combined skills, attention to detail, customer service and work ethic, it wasn’t long before yellow moon construction became a highly liked and reputable company. The company offered yet another opportunity to elevate his skills as not only a craftsman, but also a business man.

    As if the accumulation of all these years had led to this point, It was with great pride that he could sell his portion of such a highly producing and respected company to his business partner, and create a company of his own. Welcome to Morning Bird Construction !

    Greg Stebbins

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